The Buzz

"The single most important step in engineering is to get the problem statement right. This is as true in social engineering as it is in information systems engineering. Wes Kussmaul's book is an attempt to do just that: to get the problem statement right, and to do so where social and information systems engineering meet, which is to say security. He deserves a gold star for even trying."

Dan Geer
CISO, In-Q-Tel

"Wes Kussmaul has produced some phenomenal works in the area of privacy, trust, and authentication. His work is important in this age of dramatic insecurity and The Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure provides a comprehensive and workable framework for a better digital future. Kussmaul is one to listen to!"

Noam Eppel
Senior Security Consultant, Vivica Information Security Inc

"Wes Kussmaul brought the internet into our homes and businesses when he founded Delphi. [He shows us], the right we have to use our home and our business premises as we see fit, as long as we don t bother others in doing so, gets lost when you spend 20 minutes a day getting rid of spam, and even more time in fear of contracting a virus. The worst thing is, the cops do not even know who the bad guys are."

Chris Hynes
Founding Partner, Hastings Equity Partners